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Strategic Environmental Planning

Because of our unique background and experiences, Sage is often asked to assist companies in non-routine services. These services vary from internal special investigations pertaining to alleged criminal or civil enforcement, assistance with agency consent decree negotiations, international assessments for facility siting, special regulatory reviews and impact assessments, or even team building and functional assessments to determine if companies are properly fitted with the appropriate skills and resources to sustain compliance. Sage's expertise crosses many of these boundaries. Also included is specification of environmental equipment. Below is more information:


Whether it is a special regulatory impact assessment, a roll-up of comments on a new or proposed regulation, in-depth assessments of a new EPA analytical method for Continuous Emissions Monitoring, or assessing the impacts to your facility in view of upcoming NAAQS standard revisions, Sage has the experience and expertise to help your special study be successful and informative.


Sage has helped many clients do regulatory implementation benchmarking – comparisons of who is doing what to comply, and how effective it is. We have conducted benchmark exercises on behalf of industries and individual clients. We can do studies within entire industry sectors for your trade group or association. Sage can provide both independence and confidentiality of results.


Sage has conducted confidential internal functional assessments and human resource assessments for HSE related functions and disciplines within sites and across multiple sites and at corporate/regional offices. Sage's experienced senior executives have held direct line responsibilities, and these professionals can help provide experience in understanding your real-world situations. Sage has helped companies effectively integrate new facilities and operations into their businesses following complex mergers and acquisitions, both domestically and internationally. When objectivity matters, Sage can assist in providing practical and proven advice.


Sage has a wide range of former corporate HSE professionals that are familiar with the various types of internal reviews and studies often conducted by boards and executive managers. We have performed a variety of regulatory reviews, financial and cost reviews, functional improvement studies, and risk assessments.


Sage has assisted firms both small and large with the development of internal EHS Management policies and corporate guidance. Some requests are for Sage to provide facilitation; others may request more in-depth assistance. Sage's experienced corporate professionals can help solve problems today and develop procedures and programs to prevent issues in the future. Sage has developed business conduct guidelines, data privacy policies, Sarbanes-Oxley programs, global safety policies, document retention policies, global audit programs, and more.


The world truly is a global market place. Sage's experienced professionals have performed work in various parts of the world and can assist you with coordinating your projects or efforts overseas. Sage helps clients understand the local issues important to the regions they are considering and helps locate advisors and specialized contractors in various parts of the world. Sage has helped domestic firms assess the possibility of expanding their businesses to other parts of the world, and has helped executives better understand the environmental and safety aspects of new operations in new locations.


Sage has performed reviews of various insurance instruments and assisted clients in understanding the claims process, the arbitration process, new insurance policies, pollution legal liability policies, and the amount of insurance required. Sage has assisted in a review of remediation cost-cap insurance options and third party liability transfer options, and has performed a review of insurance as an option during due diligence and acquisitions.

Sage Serves You

Sage understands that special situations demand a unique and customized approach. Sage is highly flexible and can assist you with scoping the project and ensuring confidentiality. Sage can assemble and coordinate investigation teams specially suited with the proper experts required to fit your needs. Sage performs services for legal firms, trade groups, individual companies, local groups of companies, boards of directors, etc. When you need practical, realistic advice, you can feel confident relying upon Sage.

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