Strategic Services

Contingency Planning and Response

While prevention is the goal for any waste management issues, sometimes things do not go according to plan. The ability to take immediate and responsible action in the case of an unexpected outcome is the goal of Sage's Contingency Planning and Response services. Sage develops and implements spill prevention and spill response programs, including air emissions, modeling prediction, impacted area modeling, and emergency response programs and training.

Specific services offered include:

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans (SPCC)
  • Facility Response Plans
  • Integrated Contingency Plans
  • Emergency and Spill Response Compliance Assistance
Clients Speak Out

"Not only do I trust Sage to take the lead in my on-going environmental compliance programs, but I also have worked with Sage to develop the regulatory framework for new business ventures. Navigating the highly regulated petrochemical industry can be overwhelming. When difficult questions arise, I turn to Sage to provide thoughtful analysis."

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