Air Quality


Third-party HRVOC audits (Texas)


  • TCEQ requires a third party organization conduct an audit of facilities subject to highly-reactive volatile organic compound fugitive monitoring requirements in the Houston/Galveston/Brazoria area. The audit is to include:
  • Verification of monitoring data by conducting comparative monitoring on a random selection of valves in HRVOC service;
  • Perform a QA/QC review of monitoring data for pace and anomalies;
  • Review calibration records;
  • Verify proper field identification of leaking HRVOC components; and
  • Prepare and transmit an audit report.

Our Expertise:

Sage is an environmental and engineering firm that specializes in air quality consulting services to the refinery and petrochemical industries. Sage has gained a national reputation for LDAR consulting expertise through its program of refinery Consent Decree auditing for LDAR requirements. Sage is assisting numerous refineries with LDAR program auditing, training, and compliance program development. Sage will provide key professionals experienced with fugitives and the refining and petrochemical industry.

The Work:

HRVOC LDAR audits are often sold as a commodity service and performed by technicians from a rival LDAR contractor. Sage provides highly qualified professional staff that can provide an unbiased evaluation of your program. It is critical to obtain a random representative sample in order to properly validate your leak rate. Sage has demonstrated success with TCEQ HRVOC audit requirements by using a random number generator to select valves from your master HRVOC list. Other firms (and TCEQ) may prefer the “grid method” of selecting HRVOC valves, but there is a significant chance that this approach can yield anomalous results. Sage has performed about 200 LDAR audits, and our reputation for quality and expertise is unrivaled.

Our Reach:

Our services are provided to petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing processes, and gasoline processing in the Houston area primarily.

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