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Save Money, Improve Safety, and Achieve Compliance with Sage's IR Camera Services
and Courses

Have a facility audit or inspection coming up? Sage can provide a trained thermographer to perform a quick facility survey that will identify any significant emission sources in time for you to correct them and avoid a costly citation. Sage is an industry leader in the application of infrared (IR) camera technology to find costly and dangerous leaks in hydrocarbon lines, natural gas lines, and processing equipment such as valves, flanges, connectors, gauges, pumps, and compressors, scrubbers, fin fans, tanks, and heat exchangers to name a few.

Prior to equipment start-up, Sage engineers are often called upon to perform an IR survey for leaks that could present a significant safety concern, including on off-shore platforms. Whatever the scenario, if it involves IR-detectable emissions, Sage thermographers can find them, and, if you wish, easily video them for your records.

The IR camera—A powerful tool

IR cameras are important allies in your quest for product recovery, safety, cost savings, and compliance because they:

  • Can detect more than 20 different gases (including benzene, ethanol, ethylbenzene, heptane, hexane, isoprene, methanol, MEK, MIBK, octane, pentane, 1-Pentene, toluene, xylene, butane, ethane, methane, propane, ethylene, and propylene)
  • Enable you to visualize gas leaks in real time
  • Reduce inspection time
  • Scan large areas and hundreds of components quickly and efficiently to prevent unexpected service outages and lost revenues
  • Reduce repair down time and provide verification of the process
  • Enhance safety, allowing potentially dangerous leaks to be monitored from several meters away
  • Improve your environmental and regulatory compliance significantly
  • Protect the environment

Why call Sage for IR camera leak detection?

Not only does Sage Environmental Consulting have a number of nationally recognized LDAR experts on staff; we also have extensive experience with IR cameras in the petrochemical and refining industries.

Plus, we teach an introductory course in how to use IR cameras and a Level I thermography certification course (see orange call-out box).

No job is too big or small—we've done everything including one-day IR camera scans at refining facilities, week-long surveys of gas compressor stations, complete surveys of refinery process units and an eight-month-long project in which we visited close to 400 natural gas facilities with the IR camera, identifying over 1,300 hydrocarbon emission points .

Using high-flow samplers with IR cameras

While IR cameras are effective in determining where fugitive emissions are, they can't tell you how much gas or what type of pollutant is being emitted from a particular leak.

Using the IR camera together with high-flow samplers and evacuated Summa canisters, Sage can not only tell you where your leaks are, but exactly what is leaking and by how much in pounds per hour or tons per year. Having Sage quantify your emissions can have significant benefits. Knowing how much vapor is being emitted from a particular component, for instance, allows you to put a dollar figure on lost product and thereby plan a cost effective maintenance strategy.

Do You Know

Learn how to use IR cameras—at your own facility!

Sage teaches two IR camera courses on-site at our clients' facilities. Both courses feature the FLIR GasFindIR™ camera and the newer FLIR GF320 camera.

  • Our one-day introductory course is a practical, hands-on session that teaches you how to use IR cameras to detect leaks effectively.
  • In our 2 and 1/2-day Level 1 Thermography Training Course, you'll learn how to use the cameras, be introduced to the theory behind the technology, and receive Level 1 Thermography certification in IR camera operation from Sage Environmental Consulting.

Our instructors will travel to your facility and conduct either class at a fixed price. Please contact us for details.

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