Sage is a virtual organization, which means we are looking for people who want to work on lots of different things, for lots of different customers. Sage employees typically fall into three major categories. Almost all Sage employees have a Chemical Engineering degree and the willingness and ability to travel and work hard. Other than that, the three major roles are:


CSMs are the champions for the customers. CSMs have deep relationships with current or future clients and a strong reputation in a particular area of practice. They manage the work such that the customer is delighted, every time.


Project managers develop strategy and execute projects to the promised scope, schedule, and budget. Project managers foster communication between the client, CSM, regulatory agencies, and Project Technical staff. PMs typically manage several projects at once and often work for more than one CSM at a time. The best PMs have serious technical knowledge and a deep affinity for planning, logistics, and communication.


PTs can be right out of school (and are alums of UT Austin, Colorado School of Mines, and Rice, to name a few) or can have a much deeper level of experience. PTs typically work more than one project at a time, and provide the detailed technical knowledge and perform the day-to-day work required to bring in a project to the client's delight. PTs may work on site or from a Sage office, but travel, long hours, and sustained independent effort will definitely be a big part of a PTs success.

Sage is known for its' good salaries, strong benefits and 401(k) package, but mostly for the unlimited opportunities. Sage is always looking for great hires. To apply for any of these roles, or to learn more about our current openings, CLICK HERE. We look forward to working with you!

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