Air Quality

Benzene Waste Operations NESHAPs (BWON)

Sampling Training

Sampling is often done incorrectly and has been a point of enforcement. Sage can train your employees or contractors to perform sampling properly under the BWON rule. Training sampling technicians in proper BWON sampling techniques is an annual requirement in many consent decrees. After Sage conducts the initial training, we can conduct periodic hands-on training with your employees and contractors to ensure that they are following proper sampling procedures in the field. On a client’s request, Sage can build BWON sampling devices designed to collect samples to comply with the sampling requirements.

In addition to providing BWON sampling training, Sage will issue certification numbers and maintain training records, offer annual refreshers as an online training course, and send reminders for annual certification renewal. This training can be offered either on-site or off-site.

Sage’s BWON sampling training course will address the following:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Types of BWON sampling
  • The Sage sampling protocol, via participant interaction
  • Analytical data analysis
  • BWON sample cooler construction
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