Air Quality

Benzene Waste Operations NESHAPs (BWON)

BWON for Experts

This expert-level course covers items in greater detail than were covered in our BWON Essentials course. The BWON for Experts course includes training in advanced concepts in total annual benzene (TAB) and end-of-line (EOL) calculation methodology, audits and consent decrees, and what to expect from the EPA. The course, which contains practical pointers and interactive discussions, will expand your understanding of the finer points of the BWON rule.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn and apply solutions to real-life BWON problems and “what if” situations that program coordinators face.
  • Communicate with Operations to get the information you need to keep your BWON program evergreen.
  • Make informed decisions regarding your control strategies, inspection and monitoring programs, and self-auditing.
  • Analyze your facility’s existing EOL sampling program for accuracy, common problems, and methods for improvement.
  • Keep up with your peers by learning best practices and regulatory interpretations from across the industry.
  • Prepare for and respond to U.S. EPA/NEIC/DOJ audits and questions.
  • Benchmark how your facility compares with similar facilities nationwide in BWON compliance and metrics.
  • Understand advanced BWON regulatory and consent decree concepts and strategies, as well as best practices for sustainable BWON compliance.

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