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Benzene Waste Operations NESHAPs (BWON)

BWON Essentials

The BWON rule has been one of the most contentious and enforced regulations for the past two decades. The EPA has been conducting audits to determine compliance with and effectiveness of BWON provisions. Not only is training necessary to ensure your staff has the proper knowledge, skills and abilities to manage a BWON program but is also a requirement of many Consent Decrees. The BWON Essentials training will provide you with the right tools to effectively manage your BWON program and understand the essentials of the BWON rule. This course will help you develop a clear understanding of the underlying concepts to sustain a strong BWON compliance program and to understand how this rule affects the day to day operations. This course will aid your facility sustaining an effective compliance program with the tools and checklist that you can immediately put to work in your facility!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the history, definitions, applicability standards and compliance options of the BWON Rule
  • Learn how to develop and implement a strong BWON compliance program
  • Discuss treatment standards and control requirements for Waste Management Units
  • Learn to identify and characterize BWON-affected waste streams
  • Learn how to avoid common programmatic deficiencies
  • Discuss hot-topic emerging BWON issues with subject-matter experts
  • Discuss enhancement provisions of Consent Decrees with an emphasis on End-of-Line Plans.
  • Obtain tools and checklist to ensure a strong BWON compliance program
  • Gain experience by participating in multiple technical break-out sessions
  • Earn 8 hours of continuing education credit and a certificate of completion
  • Network with colleagues from across the country

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