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Offshore Optical Gas Imaging Inspections

Sage experts have designed best management practices, helped set the professional standard for OGI monitoring, and trained regulatory agencies and industry on the use of the Optical Gas Imaging Infrared Camera Technology. We performed many of the first studies that helped make OGI monitoring a viable Leak Detection and Repair strategy for Oil & Gas facilities onshore and offshore and we continue to work with EPA to develop protocols for further adoption throughout the industry.

Sage is the recognized leader in Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) expertise and monitoring. Using the infrared camera technology to identify and eliminate hydrocarbon leaks improves economic, environmental and safety performance of the asset.

OGI Inspections

OGI inspections are an efficient, reliable, safe and cost effective solution for identification of large hydrocarbon leak sources. These sources represent significant product losses, safety and ignition hazards, and potential for process disruption.

Safety Risk: Inspections identify and assess hazards in complex environments. The greatest opportunity to reduce all impacts is to proactively search out and minimize high, explosive and/or toxic concentrations of gases before they become fatal to workers.

Product Recovery: Lost product equals lost profit. OGI inspections help identify and eliminate large leaks quickly, reducing product loss and increasing profits by returning raw materials and products to the process. The amount of product recovered through leak repair generally pays for the cost of the inspection.

Cost Reduction: The IR camera reduces cost associated with day-to-day mechanical and operational issues by identifying problems with malfunctioning equipment, saving the facility time and money and minimizing potential for catastrophic loss.

Sage can help you increase efficiency in operations and reduce safety risk through our environmental expertise. We also provide an in-house Level I Infrared (IR) Thermography Certification Training course. Sage has highly qualified project technical engineers and field technicians with years of experience using the IR Camera including certified thermographers and thermography trainers.

Knowledge, skills and abilities are imperative for proper use of the Optical Gas Imaging Infrared camera and accurate survey results. Our personnel possess the technical knowledge of equipment (valves, flanges, connectors, gauges, pumps, compressors, etc.) leak interfaces, therefore being able to understand where and why equipment can leak hydrocarbons. You can buy a camera but you can’t buy a “trained eye” and expertise. A ”trained eye” is a learned skill that comes with vast experience and knowledge of quantification equipment, processes AND the infrared camera.

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