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Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

When it comes to Leak Detection and Repair services, Sage has built a practice around the top experts in the field. Sage offers both vast experience and unmatched expertise around LDAR program audits, enhancements, training and more. Sage LDAR services include:


  • Third-party Consent Decree audits
  • Third-party HRVOC audits (Texas)
  • EPA-style Database Forensic Audits
  • Compliance Checkups
  • Custom Audits, including:
    • Verification of component inventories
    • Spotting monitoring problems
    • Shadow monitoring
    • Identification of routing problems
    • Report reviews
    • Answers to compliance questions
    • Open-end line control
    • Proper sample station design


  • Design of optical imaging demonstrations and special studies
  • Mass emission measurement to define sensitivity of optical imaging
  • Infrared imaging survey work
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluation of AWP
  • Rule interpretation for Smart LDAR
  • Design of hybrid infrared/M21 leak detection programs


  • Development of an LDAR Compliance Plan
  • Identification and Responsibilities of Key Program Personnel
  • Management of the LDAR Contractor
  • Developing an In-House LDAR Training Program
  • Important LDAR QA/QC Procedures
  • Key LDAR Program Metrics
  • LDAR Turnarounds

For a historical overview and update on the latest EPA direction for LDAR in the US, read the June 2011 Hydrocarbon Processing article.

The value of leak detection needs to be weighed against the chances of a significant accident, a worker-safety/exposure lawsuit, and even the scrutiny of regulator or community activists. Click here to read an article on this topic; it was published in the September 2009 issue of Tank Storage magazine.

For further information regarding LDAR equipment and information, visit


  • Starting an LDAR Program from "scratch"
  • LDAR Contractor Transition Management
  • Equipment Leak Emission Estimates
  • Basic LDAR Program Elements
  • Complying with basic reporting requirements
  • Valuable Program Enhancements
  • LDAR Data Management Systems
  • Effective Staffing Techniques



  • Bagging to develop Emission Factors & Correlation Equations
  • Bagging to support SmartLDAR demonstrations
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