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FTIR Instrumentation

Working together to create one-of-a-kind solutions for air quality and emissions monitoring that
requires superior results. Sage Environmental Consulting partners with CleanAir Engineering in
acquiring IMACC.

IMACC specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), Ultra Violet Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (UVDOAS), Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), and other environmental monitoring systems. All are reliable, accurate and cost effective methods of acquiring concentrations.

At IMACC, we find solutions to customer needs through using advanced technology in applications such as

  • remote sensing
  • fence-line monitoring
  • in-process monitoring
  • stack monitoring
  • low-level ambient air monitoring and
  • other specialty applications.

IMACC technology is found at major industrial, petrochemical and chemical facilities world-wide and is used by the US EPA and other research institutions.

IMACC’s FTIR Industrial Monitoring Systems have features for easy use and quality results:

  • A rugged extractive (stack/process) monitor consisting of a base unit and accessories. Accessories include a variety of cell attachments to accommodate CEM or process monitoring tasks.
  • All accessories are snap on with “pin in place” alignment so no manual alignment of any optics is required switching between configurations.
  • Built for continuous UNMANNED operations for months at a time, equipped with ambient temperature DTGS detector or auto fill/closed cycle coolers for cooled MCT detector option.
  • Highly portable system for mobile use.
  • Controlled by an embedded Pentium computer, an external laptop, or an external industrialized PC
  • Extensive software for automated system operation and data analysis as well as interactive data display.
  • Three reference libraries: 25 C for ambient work and both 100 C and 185 C for industrial stack or process work.
  • Built in alarm systems specific to each compound that calls custom routines when an alarm condition occurs.

Products & Services

Each product or service that IMACC provides is a one-of-a-kind solution to the user’s specific needs.

Extractive Monitoring

With a closed cell configuration, gaseous chemical compounds that are pumped into the cell can be detected. 
There are four main types of extractive monitors:

  • 10m - The 10-m cell accessory attached to the base unit forming a full CEM/stack or portable monitor for detections to 0.1 PPM.
  • 32m - The 32-m cell accessory attached to the base unit for low-level detections for CEM/Stack monitoring
  • 150m - A dual 150 meter cell accessory for the FTIR base unit configured into a tow-behind trailer for use as a mobile laboratory in regulatory monitoring. This system is capable of 1 to 5 ppb detection levels for most compounds of concern in environmental work
  • Base Unit - Base Unit integrated into Class I Div. 2 monitor for industrial use. This monitor is mounted outdoors in a highly vibrational area and has worked perfectly in this environment for several years. The process stream monitored consists of 70% water and 30% CO2 with buried organics. These organics are being monitored at the low ppm-level.
Open Path Monitoring

Open path monitoring uses an optical telescope to transmit the infrared beam through the air monitoring compounds present in the air mass and can both identify the compounds present and measure their concentrations down to low ppb-levels through two different modes:

  • Monostatic Mode - a single telescope is used at one end of the path and a passive retro reflecting mirror is at the other end
  • Bistatic Mode - transmitting and receiving telescopes are used at opposite ends of the path; gas detection limits are somewhat better but the systems are harder to align and maintain. Bistatic mode allows for a single transceiver (transmitter/receiver) to scan multiple paths using several retro mirrors.

Stack gas monitoring: continuous emission monitoring in stacks, vents, or abatement systems.

Process control: real time monitoring of industrial processes or gas streams with continuous feedback and alarm systems.

Buildings, storage rooms, chemical plants, landfills, mines: monitoring for worker exposure to emissions or build up of gases in closed spaces.

Plant perimeter: open air monitoring over variable paths around the perimeter of a plant or process area. Allows for accidental release detection or fugitive emission detection

Passive FTIR

Passive Monitoring is the measurement of hot gases from stacks and flares. Measurements have been performed to evaluate combustion efficiency of industrial flares using an IMACC telescope-based passive FTIR radiometer. The system requires only a clear view of the flare to operate and returns real-time, accurate results.


IMACC FTIR Software Suite (IFSS) is a state of the art FTIR control and monitoring package designed to be configurable, modular and extendable. All four programs are included in the purchase of any FTIR instrument. IFSS is the user interface to the instrument as well as to all of its data.

  • IMACC Script Editor - allows for development of individual control scripts for the FTIR which can be customized to the particular process to be monitored. These scripts not only control the FTIR but can also control external equipment such as valves, temperature and pressure sensors, optical trackers, meteorological stations, or custom equipment.
  • IMACC Quantify – a software application that allows the user to develop spectral processing "Methods" for transmission or radiance data analysis A processing method sets up the system to analyze for specific compounds while treating additional compounds which may be present as interferents
  • IMACC Monitor- a configurable User Interface that can be altered to display only what you wish to be shown in the format you want. The monitoring software displays and logs concentration data as well as IR spectral data. The monitor is designed to be configurable, modular and extendable.
  • IMACC Tool Box - IO Modules are available to integrate data and alarms to external systems.
Quantum Cascade Laser

The Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) brings infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy, using a quantum cascade laser (QCL) as the light source, into power plants in order to measure NH3, SO2, SO3 and H2O simultaneously.

Do You Know

The experience and skills of IMACC, Sage, and CleanAir bring new synergies to environmental compliance. Our partnership means a one-stop approach to customized service, and a wider range of capabilities (e.g., ambient air monitoring, boiler stack testing, flares management) for you by providers who are uniquely attuned to the individuality of every project.

CleanAir begins the process by testing your air quality and emissions.

IMACC provides the custom-created equipment to keep your air quality and emissions in check.

Sage brings the regulatory and permitting strength to keep your air quality and emissions in compliance.

Let us know how we can help you.

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Fig A. 10-m monitor (external)


Fig B. 10-m monitor (internal)


Fig C. 32-m monitor (external)


Fig D. 32-m monitor (internal)


Fig E. Open path monitor


Fig F. Passive FTIR radiometer

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